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Do you Remember Who you Were before the World Told you Who you Should Be?

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Each Person is born with a Unique Genius to contribute to the World ! Unfortunately, through Conditioning, we have forgotten why we have come to the planet.

 What Does This Mean ?

We end up living other people’s lives.

We live lives that are not our own in a futile attempt to fulfill the many expectations placed upon us by our families, education system, culture, gender, religion and society at large.

How do i know ?

If you are feeling trapped, stuck, depressed or just surviving –  you are living someone else’s dream.

Good News

Fortunately, the ancient wisdom traditions as well as cutting edge science have given us the tools and technology to re-claim ourselves. Once you have your Self –  all the other problems disappear ! The Truth is – this is what we are all seeking although we may be unaware of it.



NEW ! 8 Week DNA Activation Program

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Highly professionally delivered: quality materials, rich seams of profound wisdoms gathered from various traditions. Catalyst Yogi is a wonderful, firm & loyal guide into uncharted territory! I have changed in a myriad of ways, some of which defy expression: primarily I have raised my awareness around my behaviors, words, thoughts, handling & view of money & I feel, quite simply, that I have grown up. Someone even said to me in the final week – ‘you look older or wiser somehow!’


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